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Student Book Reviews!

This page on the website is where you can find out what the students at King Edward VI's and St Michael's have been reading and what they thought about their chosen books. 


I read the book by Malala Yousafvai, I am Malala, and I found it amazing.

The book was full of inspiring words and phrases, and now I look at education a special different way. One month ago, I looked at school as one more thing to be bored of and I thought it was a waste of time. After I read Malala’s book, I looked at education differently, I am now happy that I have the right to speak out and have education. It changed my world completely.

When I was little to me all countries were the same and everyone in it lived normal lives. Malala saw it differently. Pakistan was a normal country, just as normal as England, Scotland, Wales, etc. But in 2011, a group called the Taliban started to take over parts of Pakistan things started to change.

Malala’s family was targeted because the Taliban didn’t want girls to have education and Malala’s dad owned 3 girls schools. Malala stood up to this but in 2012 Malala was shot in the head. She survived and ended up in Birmingham. The Taliban shot Malala to silence her but instead she spoke out more and the world copied her. This story kind of changed my life.

I now look at life differently, and I am happy about that. If it wasn’t for Malala, Pakistan and other countries could still be living in horror. Thank you Malala and for everything you have done. Trust me, read this book and it will change your opinions about education completely. Thank you.


By Lily, Year Seven.


January 2015 

I am Malala

By Malala Yousafvai

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