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Middle Grade Fiction

Laura Wood Bea

The Poppy Pym Series

Abandoned as a baby at a travelling circus, Poppy Pym receives a loving – if slightly peculiar – education at the hands of her new family, a group of circus performers led by Ringleader, Madame Pym. Bright and capable, Poppy thrives in this unique upbringing, learning to horse ride, juggle, perform impressive acrobatics, and dazzle on the flying trapeze, while poring over the pages of her favourite books, ‘The Detective Dougie Valentine Mysteries’ in her free time. Little does she know that as her eleventh birthday arrives and the opportunity to receive a more traditional education at the prestigious Saint Smithen’s boarding school presents itself, that this new chapter will be the beginning of her own detective adventures.

With illustrations by Beatrice Bencivenni

Laura Wood Poppy Pym cover

Book One

Laura Wood Poppy Pym cover

Book Two

Laura Wood poppy Pym cover

Book Three

Laura Wood Poppy Pym cover

Book Four

This book will take you on a mind-blowing, exciting adventure filled with only the most brilliant, unique ideas. This is one of the best books I’ve read, set in a boarding school with interesting and crazy characters. While you read this book you will fall in love with the three main characters that are simply hilarious and entertaining. You will not be able to stop reading this book until it is finished and when it is finished you will want more. It is just one of those infectious books and it has a real magic feel. Some parts will have you on edge while other parts will make you laugh until milk squirts out your nose. - Guardian

The Effie Kostas Series

The last thing that new girl Effie Kostas needs right now is to be running a high-stakes campaign for student president against the most popular boy in school, but she's not about to sit quietly by in the face of great injustice... so the RACE IS ON!

With the help of a campaign team full of lovable misfits, a whole lot of glitter glue, and an extremely rude parrot, can Effie defy the odds and win the election?

And can one girl really make a difference?

Shortlisted for the Blue Peter Book Awards!

Laura Wood Vote For Effie cover

Book One

Laura wood effie the rebel cover

Book Two

Laura Wood Mirelle Ortega illustration vote for effie

With illustrations by Mirelle Ortega

Vote for Effie is an empowering and heart-warming story of friendship, self-belief and standing up for what you believe in. - TES

The Animals of Madame Malone's Music Hall

Summer by the seaside with Gran isn't exactly what Callie expected. Instead of sunshine and ice cream, she's stuck helping Gran's drama group save their local theatre. Worst of all, they've asked her to star in their play.

But when she goes exploring backstage, Callie stumbles into an altogether different world - another theatre, run by a wise fox and her troupe of talking animals. And the strangest part of all? Callie's set to play the lead in their show too.

Forced to face her fears will Callie be up to the challenge of saving Madame Malone's Music Hall?


A cast of creative creatures take centre stage in this theatrical Barrington Stoke debut from Blue Peter Book Award shortlisted author Laura Wood. Particularly suitable for struggling, reluctant or dyslexic readers aged 8+

With illustrations by Ellie Snowdon

Laura Wood The Animals of madame Malone's Music Hall
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